Our Story

My mom is always saying she doesn’t know where my love of vintage came from.  A lot of my vintage friends grew up with moms taking them to yard sales or flea markets. I don’t ever remember going to a yard sale with my mom. I think my love of vintage started with my love of theatre. I’ve worked professionally in the theatre world for over 25 years now and early in my career I worked in prop shops and costume shops.  I just loved finding and making all those “old” things for period theatre shows.

It seems like I have bought and sold vintage for many years. I remember going to thrift stores in college and actually finding real treasures. (It’s harder now.) I sold vintage clothing for a few years, had a booth in an antique mall and now my own little vintage market in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

We founded 3 Dotters Vintage Market in 2012, the namesake created because of my own wonderful three girls who inspire and challenge me in so many aspects of my life. We are a small, intimate market where my husband and 3 girls continue to help me run it.

We hope you will visit our market and website and live the vintage life like we do!

And unlike my mom, my girls know exactly where their love of vintage comes from:

Their mom who takes them to yard and estate sales all the time!

Happy Vintage Shopping!!